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XBTV: "Candidate Talk with Owner / Breeder Nick Alexander" – Horse Racing News

Nick Alexander is a whole South California horse racing event that may be a respected proprietor, breeder, and native automotive vendor who by no means seems to say no. California's thorough house owners lately mentioned horses, automobiles, and his deep-seated historical past in close by Pasadena.

Nick is the business chief. You’re truly the state's main Cal-breds breeder. The place did every little thing start for you, your first reminiscences of this equestrian sport?

"I used to be raised in Pasadena and my father was a surgeon – my stepfather was a surgeon and he was with pals with a Jock agent for an extended, lengthy, long time in the past.

“So on weekends he went to Santa Anita. I was maybe 10 or 11 years old. She didn't want me to go with her because she had to dress up and go to the Turf Club. He would give me a couple picking up and my mother took me out and sat in the auditorium. For the first time, we held a horse called Gold Man. He was 10-1 and he won and bet on him. And it was, I was hooked. ”

Breeding in Pasadena was a race monitor like a ballpark? It was one thing youngsters did, they got here and hung here?

”Oh sure. It was big. I watched the Santa Anita parking space in my swimming pool room since 1937 or, taken from the Huntington Drive, by wanting on the rear of the stand. There isn’t any empty automotive park, all of the parking spaces per hectare and it was caught in the pack. So it was an enormous deal. You recognize Dodgers were not yet in town. There was a small league baseball workforce, but there was no basketball, no soccer. If you want to play, the horses have been the only method to do it. To try this, you had to come to the monitor, couldn't do it on your telephone. You couldn't do it anyplace else so yeah, it was an enormous deal. ”

How did you end up selling automobiles?

”Properly, I wasn't ok for a physician. That's what the stepfather needed me to be. My first job was on the Ford retailer in Highland Park once I was 14 years previous. It is a type of people who when a automotive comes from the manufacturing unit, if the client needs black partitions and has white walls, you modify it and do the pre-service by automotive and on this method. I did it throughout three or four summers and obtained pals with pals from one gross sales middle.

”On the end of the summer time, he stated:“ Subsequent summer time, if you come again, I'll be the chief right here and I would like you to work for me in the sales department because there's money. Torsion switches aren’t as great as automotive gross sales. So I did this next summer time and it turned out that he was proper. Later within the Ford store, Dominic Longo worked for a very well-known automotive vendor and was a mentor. I went to the USC for a few years and didn't do excellent, so I turned a full-time automotive vendor.

In order that Nick Alexander BMW's founder was not a lifelong aim for you

”No, under no circumstances. I never thought I might do it. I simply obtained lucky. It's a type of things about timing and the proper of individuals… I discovered this dealership at Huntington Park, which was very dangerous, despite the fact that that they had a BMW. BMW was just turning into nationally fashionable. I am occupied with the truth that it’s a motorway far from in all places, nobody knows the place Huntington Park is. There’s a very good little man who owned the place, and I went down to speak to him and all he needed to do was get out and find somebody who would pay the lease and hold the place.

”I had a really shut good friend who additionally began selling automobiles. He had already labored as a reseller, so he positioned a lot of the cash and purchased virtually nothing. Used radio as a device for individuals to access Huntington Park. In Southern California, everyone seems to be listening to the radio. Everyone has to travel, and at the least twice a day you will have the prospect to get one in conversation with someone on the radio. You have not bothered your baby operating round the house. You possibly can't go to the toilet during TV commercials. You’re in your automotive and somebody is talking to you. In case you say one thing entertaining or significant, provocative or no matter and also you say it typically to someone once they need to buy a automotive, they may see you. And so we did.

The place does the slogan "Nick can't say no" comes?

”Virtually offhandedly. I used to be underneath the gun to ship a replica of the weekend advert in LA Occasions. You had to get promotional materials on Thursday and I was all the time late. Seller three or 4 occasions referred to as the time, saying that "we are going to deadline, I need a copy." To remove him from the telephone, I stated, "Just say, Nick can't say no" and grasp him.

“It's fun that we did pretty well over the weekend, and so we used it again, but that's so much I thought it went to it. It wasn't really justified, but it worked. ”

At what level in your life did you personal racehorses?

”The primary horse with a bit… it was within the late 1970s. I labored on the property at Laguna Seashore and hated life. The man got here to me and stated we have been on the lookout for a fourth companion to buy a racing horse. It costs you five huge ones. We're going to spend $ 20,000 on a two-yr-previous unraced. I was uninterested in tears in my work, and I assumed, "cool, it would be really fun." So for $ 5,000. The horse ran a second time a number of occasions for my part, and by no means broke his daughter, and ultimately lost him about half of what we paid for within the robust competition. It was, nevertheless, a needle in my arms. I needed to do it once more, so we continued it. “

You had a reasonably vital foundation for Golden Gate, proper? Did you start as an owner or have been you extra here in southern California?

”No, it was right here. Chay Knight was my first coach and by some means met Mike Mitchell. Chay needed to buy younger horses and convey them with them. At that time I had no endurance, and I spoke to Mike Mitchell and stated, "Let's say a few." So we did, and we did pretty properly. Those who weren't here properly would ship us to Golden Gate. That's how the golden gate connection got here in. We had excellent horses that we sent there, we had enjoyable.

You talked about Mike Mitchell, I know you have been his proprietor and had a relationship with him for 30 years. How essential was this relationship to your rising firm and where are you immediately?

”Mike was the primary man I recognize where he was going to elucidate why we did certain issues. He was one of the innate buddies who simply understood the horses. He was capable of take a brief horse and practice it just a little in a different way, restore it slightly, hit it on the training monitor, attempt it for a very long time, attempt it on the grass or change the fashion. If it was operating, take the horse again … and very often he discovered the important thing for the horse that the opposite individual could not discover. I like it. It was fun.

You will have had horses in California for four many years. What exactly is it that you simply need to help California racing?

“Principally it was financial. I couldn't afford to go to Kentucky and spend massive cash on my age. The Cal-grown program is appropriate for me as a result of I might insist on marsees, humble mares, grow them in California beasts and use them the place they might reside and prosper. Between the women' reward, the breeder's bonus, the oribonus, only the protected competitors for Cal-breds, the extra money in open competitions for them… That is all rising.

“For many years, everyone affected between profit and loss, or little loss and big loss, or it just doesn't have to go so far as to grow. We work a few if we had an empty mare, sometimes we sent back to Kentucky and some more modest males and races and then bring them back and make them Cal-breds, and who worked really well too. This was an initiative. ”

I do know you might have a farm in Santa Ynez, but was it the primary breeding area? Where did you begin if you needed to enter the processing business?

“Have you ever heard of a small place called Boonville?”

No (laughs)

”Boonville is situated in the county of Mendocino, California. I had lived there in the early 1970s once I was such a hippie. I all the time beloved the place. For the primary time I struggled with a mare who I feel can be a great broodmare, we despatched her to the ranch. I moved down right here a long time ago, however I had stored the property in Boonville. I despatched her there and raised her and struggled with her babies. By that point we had three or 4 more.

”It’s primarily Redwoods, Rams of Sheep, Apple Timber and then the newest grapes. Nevertheless it was an excellent place for horses, it was quiet. We had two kilometers off the street at the end of the filth street. Horses flourished. It was our first ranch. Then in 2005 I finally acquired previous and the driving was getting more durable, so we bought a place in Santa Ynez. ”

You’re a very family man. Do your wife, your youngsters, your grandkids works … someone of them share your passion for this sport?

”Absolutely (laughs). The day I die, the horses are on the street

”My daughter got here to me when she was 11 years previous and stated,“ The woman's club has a sign that tells about $ 25 for 3 driving hours. Can I take three driving lessons? "

" I was sure I wanted him to be in the horses. I didn't know how much it would cost me over the next ten years because he got a hook and loved jumpers. So he struggled with a couple of really good jumps on horses at national level and he was a junior jumper champion one year, and he rode in the Grand Prix against the boys. It's a good thing that sport is that women compete fairly with boys. I was a horse show "mother" for several years, and horses traveled everywhere in the country in horse exhibits. But he by no means needed one other commerce. He didn't like mucking stalls, he didn't like trailer driving. He simply needed to be a horse and journey and it was.

”My son went to the high school I had gone to. A very rustic farm faculty in the Santa Ynez Valley, where they’ve a very confused horse you can experience on. She attended high school and was the primary horse and answered about 30 horses, but when she left, she went within the other path. And the horses are not his thing. ”

Your daughter and son at the moment are operating Nick Alexander Imports. At what point did you are feeling you needed to step again and retire from it and perhaps concentrate on refining?

”Nicely, two issues. To begin with, I needed to spend extra time on horses, but I lost contact with the era who was coming and shopping for automobiles. It was Gen X and Millennials, individuals I actually don't understand. The Web was turning into a solution to do business and I was all the time doing business with radio promoting and I didn't get the Web. My youngsters have been from that era they usually spoke this language, so it simply seemed natural. I feel it was round 2003 that finally I advised my daughter, it's your turn, I'm out of right here. ”

We give attention to Grazen, which has been probably the most profitable father of yours to date.

”Undoubtedly. ”

Hazen was a dam. Inform us a bit about how it has been for you, driving with Grazen?

”It's phenomenal. I'm so fortunate that processing occurred up. Mike Mitchell and I argued with Hazen, Jack Caravan, and he was a late-operating fur horse, only a router. I really like this fashion. He gained a number of competitions for us. He was absent and we thought we might get away by operating him at $ 32,000 on Golden Gate. There was not much lively argument there. He gained, however Billy Morey demanded him. Luckily he simply ran as soon as more and obtained some issues. He was not going to run, and the new house owners were not breeders. So I referred to as Billy and asked if I might purchase the horse back and acquired him again.

“At that time, the breeding program was the science of who is growing and how far they were from our livestock. Benchmark is just about five minutes away from our place. I always admired him as a slave, so we decided to grow Hazen and got Grazen. He was an early age and had a very short career but a very successful career. We left him after the injury. I was attached to her, I thought we were trying to get her first slave and raised her anywhere. His first harvest showed he was doing a good job. ”

What are your favorite bears?

”Properly, Hazen ought to be primary.

“Definitely Sunday gown… produced Tribal Rules… Sunday guidelines, which I feel gained nine and a half million bucks and 4 bets. He gained the boys twice. He gained Don Valpredo towards some really nice colors.

”After which he had the Robust Sunday, who’s Grazen. He was the one who virtually killed him in an try and get out once we have been carrying him. He weighed 165 kilos at delivery and acquired caught out. By the time we acquired her out, she had no oxygen minutes and she or he was principally a doll. He was blind and deaf and had no instinctive instinct. He might stand however couldn’t rely. He was simply this huge good-looking sucker. He was a kindergarten on the ICU clinic they usually referred to as me and stated that the bump wouldn't get higher, and better come and take into consideration tips on how to put him down. They informed me I might have spent a lot of money, however his mom had abandoned him as a result of he could not have a nurse, he had no nursing intuition.

"So the next morning I walked and went to her stump and her eyes followed me as I walked. I went inside the office and said, “He's advanced. He can see. He thought I was walking on the seat, you have to try harder. "

" Over the subsequent few weeks, his other issues went away except he never discovered a nurse. After 40 days or so we took her house. We tried to get a nurse maid with her because her mother didn't need to do anything with her. We couldn't find one so that we and our sons would not be placed in adjacent stalls with bars hoping he would try to reconnect. After a number of days they have been nostril to their nose.

”We put them on the pasture with regular mars and foals and he lifted him to the rest of the journey until we weaned. We had to feed her day-after-day because she couldn't handle it. In any other case he was a wonderfully normal foal. Now he has made $ 350,000 or something. “

This have to be one in every of your most valuable reminiscences.

”Yeah, yeah. You study… there are such a lot of good belongings you study from breeding horses. You’ll study endurance, study humility, discover ways to take dangerous information and discover ways to keep. This horse was a poster boy of all this stuff. He is very individual-like in his character, because he had so much consideration that folks have been continually feeding. He's simply a type of horses that once you walk in the barn, if he's over, you hear him as a nicker. He needs attention. He's just a very cool horse. ”

Are you superstitious?

”There are some things. I can't stand it when somebody says: "See you in the winner's circle." I just hate it, it's like a kiss of dying, you understand? Typically I hear someone start saying it, and I’m going. I can't handle it … it's a nasty luck. ”

“ All except, “See in the winning circle”. (Groans) It gets me. Let's see, I’ve a couple of terrible previous shirts I like right here. "

You do?

“If you look at the wall of the pictures, they are mostly in these two crappy old shirts. (Laughs) ”

Appears aggressive. The place does this aggressive spirit come from? Who’s it?

”I don't know. It's not my mother and father, they have been pretty relaxed. My buddies grew up in the identical faculty and we have been the first group of small attackers. They began a small league in Pasadena and there were only 4 groups, so some of my classmates have been each the opposite three teams and some have been mine. We might kill ourselves by making an attempt to win them. Because all week long you must speak about it. So I feel then it began.

“As a car dealer everything is based on how many cars you sell. Your entire focus is number one so you can tell people that we sell more cars than anyone else. When you try to sell a car, if you have obstacles, you can do everything you can to get rid of it. If you have to surrender to the car, just get this car out of here. Then go to the next one. I think it probably accelerated me and it came to the horses. ”

And baseball, proper?

“Oh yes…”

You’re a big Dodgers fan.

Yes. Operating a second is like kissing your sister, it's not simply that fun. It isn’t. I can't help it. And I assumed that once I went older it might go away, but it isn’t. Definitely, there are still some trainers I cannot lose and I take pleasure in it. ”


” It's simply a part of the commerce. ”

You might have a automotive business, don't you?

"I did. I had a 15 yr interval once I went to nuts that collected previous Ford Mercury wood-based mostly wagons. Once I was growing up, they have been the most cost effective automobiles that you might purchase as a result of the tree was often shot. In southern California, they sat outdoors and the tree went to hell. In order that they have been a $ 150 automotive with convertible bonds of $ 500. Within the early 1990s, I acquired the thought of ​​assembling every collection of Ford Mercury that Henry Ford has ever made with wood pieces. He was the only man who made his own pieces of wooden and had the most cost effective automobiles. He had hundreds of acres of hardwood forests in northern Michigan. So he used virgin wood, birch and foam to promote these lovely baskets to a brand new $ 900.

”I discovered the blokes I admired as craftsmen and made a deal. We let them work behind the dealership agreement and I might go everywhere in the nation to look for good candidates for return, and they might do the job. We combined this collection with all wood-framed automobiles from 1932 to 1953, which Ford had ever produced. We traveled to Dearborn, Michigan, Texas, all over the place. Once we lastly obtained it together and it was completed, I bought every thing. (Laughs)

“The fun part was to find them. It wasn't fun when a 60-something car was needed, the batteries were charged, oil leaked, etc. We put them all for sale at the auction during Monterey during Speed ​​Week and we sold them within three hours. 15 years of work, but it was time. ”

You’ve a few charities which might be shut and pricey to your coronary heart.

”Yeah. "


what I needed to be once I was growing up was a police officer. It has by no means happened, however I have acquired close to the CHP 11-99 Basis …

"11-99 is the event of an incident radio code. If an California Highway officer will get to the point the place they will't work or is killed, the Basis will send them cash for direct bills, funeral bills, dwelling expenses, mortgage cost and their youngsters by way of school. In the event you've ever considered a police or a CHP officer every time they depart a motorbike or automotive and stroll into another automotive … they don't know if it's the final breath they breathe. It's just…

”And. When you take a look at the record of those who have gone down, I can't keep in mind the last time I noticed one who was not a husband with youngsters. They are all younger, courageous, good buddies. It's my primary charity.

”Trust Republic Land is one other one I really like. It is concerned in serving to individuals who personal giant areas of land. They set up environmental advantages during which the landowner undertakes to make restrictions, in order that their land can never be developed, thus decreasing the worth of the land again to what you’d moderately than the 1000 flats as an alternative of the farmer. The best way the legal guidelines are put now’s, until you do, you pay real estate taxes on the potential worth of the country, not what it produces. Via Williamson Regulation and these credits you’ll be able to hold individuals in cultivation and hold people who would otherwise should sell.

”Belief Republic Land has made great savings on the coast where butterflies change every year. Monarch's butterflies, hundreds, go to Santa Barbara, and the group was the important thing to rescuing this nation. There are plenty of locations across the state of California, so it's my second ardour. "

We talked about your slogan" Nick can't say no ", however I feel the newer slogan is" Nick the Negotiator. "You have got been chairing California's in-depth house owners (TOC) for six years and we want to thanks for all the things you will have carried out for this sport. Nevertheless, I needed to ask you what are your most essential objectives, what you are feeling like to realize during your TOC

”It's more durable and more durable to do.

” That's how Santa Anita flourished and it’s all the time in my thoughts what I would really like I’m not positive it should ever happen to the extent it was, but it’s a phenomenal sport, and at present it is social media and media that just needs to promote dangerous information because it is what we sell. We’ve got a minimum of two generations regionally who don't even know this place is There have been, and have by no means seen, what to go to races or to be around horses.

“So try to assume how we will change individuals's opinions on what we now have to do is battle. What we spend time, but I can't inform you that the repair is ​​simply around the corner. You already know it's a uphill wrestle since you're taking newspapers and the front page tells you ways many people have been shot, what the politicians do badly, how dangerous it is, homelessness, all the things is dangerous news and a sluggish day dangerous news on the race monitor. How do you repair it? How do you current to the opposite aspect? We’ve considerations, I don't assume individuals see it, however we just have to reveal increasingly individuals to the constructive aspect of the competitors. We have to do a greater job of strengthening a few of the improper issues. "

If there have been one one that is not with us, who would still wish to be here to take pleasure in your tops, low, perhaps

" Someone on the race track or someone in my family? "

Someone in your past, somebody who is there, who is on the lookout for us.

] "My mother. She was a wonderful person, the biggest mother in the world. She was a smoker and died at the age of 63, who is 40 years old. She always said," Let's speak about it. "She would give a couple of inquiries to any question and ask me but in the long run, despite the fact that i used to be actually, he was really young, he gave me a choice that labored for him, and when it turned out I was improper, I wasn't responsible or anyone else. he decided to do his greatest, he needed one of the best for me and he might see it a bit of, we had some success that he was still with us, however he hasn't seen my youngsters grow up, and now grandkids.

What kind of legacy would you want to go away behind?

”You are able to do every little thing in case you are determined sufficient.

” I went to R Anch-fashion high school, I feel I used to speak about it earlier than, it's three,000 acres behind the Santa Ynez valley, based by a person from the east coast, whose concept is that youngsters get actually good schooling, but in addition reside simply and study to be self-adequate, respect the outside. Don't change paid assist as academics. The youngsters took care of every thing, took care of the horses, fastened the fences, washed the dishes and helped in the kitchen. There was a nurse and a chef, however all the things else the scholars did. The academics taught, however the upper class took care of the discipline. You have been wanting ahead to things like climbing or a day in your horse. You had no automobiles, you had no cell telephones. You made fires to heat the pots that gave you scorching water within the shower. You lived in these pink woods, picket flooring surfaces, and yet you might have really good school preparation.

”The leader was my substitute for my father. He liked horses and canine. He beloved easy things. I need to cross it on to my other household and to the individuals I do know. The greatest satisfaction I have had is small success, no blatant, simply continuous … One after another until you get where you need to go. Be onerous sufficient to take losses due to each loss of profit.

"A few times I have been unemployed. The first thing I did was get the job done. When I moved to Boonville, I got two bids. The shepherd's shepherd offered me a work horse that collected sheep for cutting at $ 1.65 per hour. I took the job because I didn't have it. Another job was a ditch that was in a vineyard with $ 1.65 per hour. If I didn't have a payment account in the local supermarket, we would probably be starving, but I was working. When you are at work, you are thinking. And you think, "this can be a type of dangerous job, I would like a better one." You don't really feel sorry for your self since you don't have time. You’re employed.

”I feel this legacy I need to depart is that this… I had a driving teacher who informed me that you simply didn't appear to be a hoodie. Look down the street whereas driving. It’s a must to be a objective that is beyond that and it’s a must to take some steps there. That's what I need to convey. ”

What would you say to the present owner at this time?

”The heights are as high as you will get. Be prepared because they don't come fairly often. Don't do it until you need to go out within the morning and hold their ft for a while, or go to their training. See the whole course of. When you're simply there to get to the Winner's Circle, it's in all probability not the correct thing to do. Or should you simply go to Kentucky Derby, it's not the best thing. If you want to know more about horses and spend time on orbit or breeding or anyplace, I might advise you. ”

What would you’re keen on most of the people figuring out about our business that they could not, or in all probability not?

”That horses train endurance and perseverance. They are a very unique animal. They’ve numerous body elements which might be troublesome. They’ve horrible digestive techniques they usually tend to hurt themselves, just by walking issues. It’s adverse that you’ve to be able to tolerate success. They are the world's largest animal. They train you so many good lessons. "

You stated there are some in the business that you simply need to win, however who can be rooted in case you are not in competition? Are the opposite house owners or trainers you’re keen on from afar?

"Positive. There are several. I like Patty Gallagher. My Trainer Phil D & # 39; Amato is a perfect example of a man who went to school to review horses after which study with different trainers and stored all the things he discovered and all the time has a horse interest.

”factor that guys who flip the horse out once they have to point out. Once they can name the proprietor and make an apology, your horse will take a while to exchange it. Mike Mitchell, in fact, has gone, however discovered so much from her. I like Eddie Truman. Eddie Truman is an effective man. I've recognized him for an extended, very long time. He has held comparable house owners for years. You’ll be able to inform that the most effective trainers are those that folks hold for an extended and very long time. Additionally, some are absent, reminiscent of Charlie Wittingham, I all the time rooted for him. Nobel Three I favored.

”Who else? Another man, Steve Miyadi. Pretty good friend. Steve Miyad (laughs) by no means acquired a veterinary bill over $ 50. He has a unique approach of working towards the horse. In the event you take a look at his works, they’re all the time the slowest works of the day and never the fastest. Mutta se toimii hänelle ja se toimii hevoselle, jota hän kouluttaa.

”Miehet, jotka ovat todellisia hevosen ystäviä, ne, jotka rakastan.”

Mikä on kaikkien aikojen suosikkihevonen, ehkä aikaisemmin, tai jopa yksi omasta?

”Yritän ajatella sellaista, joka ei ole kaikkien muiden valinta. Luulen, että Seabiscuit on ehkä. Sihteeristö oli supertähti, en ole varma, että hänellä oli suuri persoonallisuus.

”Minulla oli oma hevoseni, joka todella vahvisti suhteet hevosiin, intohimoinen punainen. Hän oli sellainen hevonen, jonka kisan jälkeen voisin tehdä palatakseni takaisin latoun, koska hän oli juuri jättänyt sen kaiken ulos. Hän oli kapea, hän ei ollut kaunein hevonen maailmassa, mutta hän antoi 110% joka kerta. Joten sanoisin intohimoinen punainen. ”

Mikä on suosikkiosanne olla kilparadalla? Aamuisin, iltapäivisin… Onko osaa siitä suosikkisi?

”On vaikea sanoa, koska useless oleminen täällä on hyvä. Rakastan aamuisin, kun ensimmäistä kertaa saat sen, että saatat olla hyvä. Näet heidät töissä, miten he laukkaavat ulos ja kouluttaja menee, "hmm hyvä." Joten ehkä se kaikkein jännittävin osa…

”Minulla on suuri kuva hevosesta luultavasti 30 vuotta sitten, kun sain kylvyn kuntoilun jälkeen ja höyry on tullut pois hänestä. Nainen, joka vei valokuvan, otti pienen ilmapallon päänsä yläpuolelle, kuten mitä hän ajatteli. Se on hänet lanka, voittaa kilpailun. Niinpä aamuisin on useless taika, varsinkin syksyllä. In October, when its 35 levels and the steam's coming off the horses, and the mountains are simply bathed in daylight…That's fairly magical.”

In the event you might have dinner with somebody here or not with us, just one more time, who would that be?

“Mike Mitchell.”

You had a special relationship.

“He was my man, yeah. He was single once I met him, type of a wild man, however his wife Denise settled him down fairly shortly.

“He became a better trainer. Quit gambling, found religion. I think his training skills went way up. It's funny, I've seen the whole lifetime. He was a great guy.”

I feel that's it.

“Well that was fun.”

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