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War of Truth

The War of Truth

Paul Craig Roberts

“The ability of political / media-class owners to discriminate and neutralize anyone who threatens their interests, simply by organizing stories about them, is one of the most devastating psychological weapons in their arsenal. The main reason why the public is convinced that they have been taken in propaganda and pacing campaigns is that some stupid reason is that one of the most disgraceful things anyone can do in our society is to cheat. If we want to win a strong narrative dominant position, it is imperative that we find a way to transfer this shame from those who have deceived those who have cheated them. ”- Caitlin Johnstone

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This website originated on New Yr's Eve 2011. I had loved two months of retirement earlier than calling me back to action. We at the moment are properly concerned within the eighth yr once I keep in mind my retirement.

I'm glad you referred to as me again. Tens of millions of individuals read the column yearly in many languages. The columns have led to 3 translations translated into Russian, Chinese language, Korean, Czech, Turkish, German and French. They don't make much money, but they help the world to wake up the evil with an iron grip in the West. The infinite wars based mostly completely on lies that serve the hidden agendas have destroyed the Western concept of humanity's hope. The gentle power behind the secret agenda is gone endlessly.

The Russian army pressure, backed by China, is now taking a look at uncooked open energy. The newest EU elections present that the peoples of Europe and the UK have acquired every thing they will from Washington and the destruction of EU nations on the idea of ethnic citizenship. If Israel might be Jewish, France could be French, German to German, UK to British, Italy to Italians and perhaps America to People. Ziocon's concept that each one white nations, with the exception of Israel, are for everyone, have failed within the European elections

What continues to be failing is the police state. The police state has slowly hit the West for a long time. It progressed from gangbusters to nineteen and with the rip-off "war on terror". Throughout the western world, civil liberties have been heavily affected by the secret agendas of the ruling oligarchs.

The development of a police state, which now surrounds the People and the West, has many assistants. Some police builders have been very intent, like a "child supporter", but they didn't know concerning the doubtless penalties. In america, youngster protection providers Gestapo, an arbitrary and irresponsible police with extra powers than Nazi Gestapo, can result in the condemnation of the kid's mother and father.

People have been educated for rats for each other. Depart the youngsters (or the canine) in the automotive for a minute once you get something from a nearby store and the citizen is certain to name the police. The report might be submitted and the child protection service Gestapo will seem in your door, demanding entry. You’re being pressured to simply accept your baby's strip search if you end up in search of a fun-loving surgery that can be misinterpreted as proof that you’re profitable your baby. Gestapo then confiscates your baby, and you pay heavily for stress and lawyer bills to get the youngsters back, which are more likely to be traumatic so far. The helplessness that oldsters endure should make them indignant with the federal government and even the country.

In the USA, deceived patriotic parts consider that our soldiers are preventing to "preserve freedom", however the truth is, as Basic Smedley Butler, probably the most adorned officer in US army history – tells us, our troopers are dying for the fabric pursuits of the ruling oligarchy.

People, such because the British, assume of "great democracies" claiming that governments are citizens. Actually, the "Great Democrats" peoples have fallen into brainwashed slaves.

Brainwashing is clear. Slavery much less. Once once more, I need to make slavery clear.

A slave is a person who does not personal his personal work. Subsequently his product or half of his product is just not his. The very best price for medieval rural areas was 30%. Given the know-how of the time, the upper fee that the inhabitants could not multiply, and sefts made a riot.

19. Century slaves worked with higher know-how, and their larger productiveness meant that 50% of their product was owned by their house owners. This was not all a victory when the house owners needed to pay for the workforce, but the slave owner paid the slave vendor as an alternative of paying the employee, who paid the black African Dahomey kings who took the black slaves. 1-1

Against this, before the 1989 Reagan tax price was lowered, the utmost price of return on funding was 70% and the maximum wage revenue was 50%.

As we speak, each Western taxpayer is a slave in the same economic sense as slaves earlier. At this time, a Western citizen doesn’t personal his own work. He owns only an element of it. The remaining belong to the slave master, the government. The enslavement of your complete US workforce happened in 1913 with the introduction of revenue tax.

In the course of the Center Ages, individuals could possibly be captured and retained or arrested indefinitely without any fees or trial to stop an effective individual's agenda from being blocked. Within the 21st century, the Bush / Cheney authorities raised this energy in the type of an indefinite detention. The Obama government increased the facility of the New Tyranny president to assassinate US residents without due process.

In spite of the constitutional and statutory prohibitions on torture, Washington has introduced torture back as a way of attaining self-abuse. The US Army and the CIA used torture in Abu Ghraib in Iraq, Guantanamo and in a number of black and white locations, and torture is widespread in American prisons. Presently, Julian Assange is tortured by one of the world's largest democracies – United Kingdom. Every time there isn’t a one that disguises the "great democracies" of a Western police state, the individual is tortured to simply accept a criminal offense that has no evidence. Rack's recognition is now a well-established policy of the "great Democrats".

Nils Melzer is the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture. He says that Assange exhibits clear signs of degrading and inhuman remedy and has "all the symptoms typical of a person who has been exposed to long-term psychological torture." Assange is "systematically persecuted … until he broke him." Https://

One of the hallmarks of the collapse of Western civilization is the regulation change individuals with arms in the arms of the government, a weapon that has been raised towards the reality phrases Julian Assange. / dp / 0307396061 / ref = sr_1_5? key phrases = Paul + Craig + Roberts & qid = 1559496718 & s = books & sr = 1-5

Another function is the shortage of democratic leads to so-called "western democracies." The British voted for leaving the EU elected, the British Democratic Authorities has not carried out it. In Greece, regardless of the apparent will of the individuals allowed by the federal government to rob the nation The elected US President Donald Trump assumed that he had the facility to overturn the democratic elections in Venezuela and to nominate a person who did not even attend the office. This was not the restrict of his vanity. Trump ordered the Syrian territory – the heights of Golan – to Israel as he owned Syria. The elected German Chancellor Merkel ignored the desire of the individuals and opened up one million unabimilable Muslims to Germany, which have had a unfavorable influence on the security and quality of life of German citizens. In the USA, regardless of the election outcome, there are a handful of powerful personal curiosity groups, corresponding to Wall Road and medicines together with the Israeli lobby and the army / security complicated. European Fee President Jean-Claude Juncker condemns Europeans as "silly nationalists who love their own countries." Juncker is committed to forcing Europeans to abandon their nationwide life and integrate strongly into variety.

One other attribute of the western collapse is the extraordinary progress in revenue and wealth focus. Most western residents endure from a everlasting or declining normal of dwelling, while a small handful has amassed many billion dollar belongings. Shareholders, directors and governments have pre-embraced their curiosity and shifted the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of residents with out serious about the results. Amazon's greedy shareholders have lately rejected a proposal that the corporate stop promoting facial recognition know-how to the police. 97.6 % of the Amazon house owners rejected the proposal to preserve the privateness of the Structure, without the police saying that their greed was creating.

Face Detection Know-how means ending privacy and anonymity, and misidentifying know-how could be life-threatening.

All the business is liberalized and their content material is allowed. The concentration of the media has destroyed the independence of the press, which not serves the duty of the federal government. The deregulation of banking activities raised the by-product disaster in mortgages, improved debt and economic insurance policies that serve banks and the financial system.

The wars of medicine, crime and terror have made an enormous misuse of police, TSA and airways. Families are being destroyed as a result of a member had an oz of marijuana, or because the police dropped the earthmoving plate into a automotive bag and stated it was cocaine.

The reality is so inconsistent with the official explanations that the last conflict is conflict to fact. Free speech is not respected in any Western country. Those who use it are banned on Facebook and Twitter. Websites are eliminated. An educational term is not a free word. One politically faulty word and professor is rejected. Equality underneath the regulation has given strategy to "balancing diversity", which requires discrimination towards white individuals.

Any show The construction of Western civilization is collapsing. Western media, the Ministry of Truth, which sends official explanations, do not want the first change, because the presidents won’t ever tell the truth.

Western civilization created the rule of regulation to stop arbitrary government power leading to tyranny. Without freedom of expression, lies that include official explanations, and the population is locked in a matrix of controlled explanations. Video video games now also serve propagandistic functions.

This website and some others serve the truth, not the agendas. The truth just isn’t free and is turning into increasingly costly for many who try to offer it. Assange is just the first victim of the Washington Truth War. There are more victims. No one helps fact however those who value it. Foundations don’t help the reality. Advertisers don’t help the truth. Immediately, not even universities help the truth.

This is your website. We settle for that you’ll take the loops and arrows so long as you recognize the knowledge. For those of you who want solutions, there may be no answer until sufficient individuals are knowledgeable. When the essential mass of acutely aware individuals is reached, individuals will discover options. But without fact factors, like this, individuals by no means get info.

So whether the reality is dominant or not is your job.

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