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Evil spirits and how they attack humans

Evil spirits and how they attack humans

Who are the demons?

They’re personal sentient and human beings who set themselves aside from God and built their own particular world that’s hostile to all good. Due to the shortage of religious heaven, they dwell in the air (cf. Ephesians 2: 2) and turn their evil gaze primarily on the human world.

They have some power on this world because man – the creation of God's crown – gave up his throne as king of the world to the scrumptious seducer. Subsequently, it’s clear that evil forces are capable of harming. Tobit's ebook, which is part of the Scriptures, mentions a demon named Asmodeus who killed seven Raguel's daughters, Sarah's husband, one by one (cf. Tobit 3: 8). The guide of Job accommodates the story of a fireplace that the satan commanded to fall from above and burn Job's sheep and shepherds (cf. Job 1:16). The dark forces additionally induced a hurricane when all of Job's youngsters have been having dinner together that ruined the house and all died (cf. Job 1: 18-19). The truth is, there’s one factor that needs to be highlighted on this story: it was God who gave all Job and his household a check of the religion of this righteous man (cf. Job 1: 6-12).

We will't stress it extra. Though demon damaging talents might be extremely highly effective, they are subordinate to God and can solely work when God allows them. We all know from the gospel that demons needed to ask the Savior for permission to even go into the herd of pigs (cf. Matt. 8:31). As Saint John Chrysostom pointed out,

“Demons are even afraid of touching pigs with out His permission… Everyone knows that demons hate us more than particulate animals. So if they didn't save the pigs however drive them all to the pit, they would certainly do the identical to the individuals in their possession that they pull and drag around the deserts, apart from God's Providence, to bruise and restrain them, as a result of the torture they produce is intolerably cruel. "

It signifies that the true basis of our religious life must be worry of God and not the worry of fallen angels. We have to be afraid to separate ourselves from our sins, which can make us more prone to the fast influence of fallen angels.

Jesus casts demons of the two males in Gergesen's possession. Fresco. Serbia. In the 14th century. Kosovo. Visoki Dečani

The world of fallen spirits is invisible to us, but it will possibly show that it exists. As well as, its apparent prevalence typically happens in conditions where it’s least expected; for instance in thoughts, states of mind, or wishes that seem to emerge from nowhere. The lifetime of Saint Martyr Juliana consists of the next episode: a demon appeared to him beneath the guise of a great angel, and tried to speak him into sacrificing to the demon. The Lord strengthened Saint Juliana and he succeeded in overcoming the temptations of the demon. The demon boasted:

"I am the identical demon that convinced Eve to go beyond the command and pull himself and the rest of mankind the demise of God. I personally referred to as on Cain to kill her brother Abel. It was I who taught Nebuchadnezzar to erect a gold statue on the Dura plain. It was I who attracted the Israelis to worship idols. It was I who drives the sensible King Solomon into a temper by awakening his lust for ladies. It was I who instructed Herod to kill all the youngsters in Bethlehem and Judas to deceive their academics and grasp themselves. It was I who provoked the Jews to stone Stephen and Nero by crushing Peter and invading Paul. I seduction and led to difficulties amongst small number of individuals. “

Evil spirits can contaminate our hearts with ideas that we will mistake for our own. The ideas they need us to simply accept are the thoughts that lead us to sin and forestall us from turning to God. Gloomy demons attempt to tamper with our will by frightening pricey wishes and silencing the voice of conscience by making us take pleasure in only earthly pleasures. After we taste them too much and start to really feel the emptiness of the depraved life, it’s those who spin our souls in despair. extreme forms of devil management. They have an effect on individuals in many various methods, some of which don’t seem scary at all. For example, what they are actually horrified about is blocking their conversion to God and stopping them from dwelling the commandments of the gospel. When one hears the word of the dominion and doesn’t understand it, one comes to the depraved and grasps what was sown in his heart. (Matthew 13:19). Thus the Lord portrayed the situation of those who heard the good news however did not pay attention to it. He doesn’t even understand that evil fact would steal the phrase of fact that he had heard but which he did not undertake. The Apostle Paul says that the god (or devil) of this world has blinded the minds of those that don’t consider that the sunshine of the gospel of Christ, which is the picture of God, would shine on them (2 Cor. four: four).

their incapability to see and discern the truth of religious life, and want the seen world of lifeless treasures.

Demons are like skillful psychologists who take a look at what we’re extra susceptible to and use this data to make their attack simpler. Matthew 26:41) The tips of the devil cannot be acknowledged without vigilance and fixed contact with God.

It’s stated that demons work with each individual individually, tailoring their methods to every individual's weaknesses and passions. glory and honor, and cheating others to think about themselves as very pious. In line with Abba Evagrius, “a number of the filthy demons bully the human aspect, while others try to manipulate his animal aspect. The previous come and plant the vacancy, or the delight, or the envy, or the troubles, that are overseas to all obscure; the latter come and arouse anger or lust past the bounds of nature: they are passions we share with animals and carry underneath the character of man (that is, under and under it). "[19659002] Saint Anthony the Nice beforehand taught that demons begin to tempt every Christian who succeeds in religious life by means of intelligent thought. If the ascetic happens to be unaffected, they attack him with fancy chimeras. Then they tackle the masks of the prophets to make the ascetics consider in them as if they have been telling the reality.

“So when demons come to you at night time and voluntarily predict the longer term or say they are angels, don't be fooled by them because they are mendacity. If they reward you in your ascetic pursuits and emphasize you, don’t take heed to them or get nearer to them; as an alternative, it is best to seal yourself and your home with the sign of the cross and pray. "

If the fallen angels see a person who needs to transcend and advance, they can be comfortable to help him find all his 'hidden potencies.' to make an impression and capture the hearts of other individuals. If the magician removes the perceived penalties of the evil eye, they can easily free him from the issues he causes just to prove that magic and occult practices are actually good for humans.


Baba Vanga (1911-1996), the well-known clear consultant of Bulgaria, is a dwelling example of this delusion. Like many others, Vanga acquired his distinctive skills after the trauma. When 12-year-old Vanga returned to his house village together with his cousin, a horrible tornado lifted him and threw him into a nearby area. He was coated with sand and dust, together with his eyes. She couldn't open her eyes due to the pain, and soon she turned blind. Some time later, he found his new "excellent" talents. He was capable of tell an individual's previous in such detail that solely that individual and not even his close family members knew. He / she will diagnose illnesses and predict the longer term. He believed in his potential to be God's present.

Who revealed the hidden secrets to him?

Vanga would describe Larger Daughter Krasimira Stoyanova's larger powers as open human figures reflected within the water. He admitted that he heard their voice more than he might see them. Krasimira Stoyanova wrote several books for her aunt. Here is an excerpt from one in every of his books,

“I used to be 16 when Vanga began talking to us in the house of our Petrić home… but his voice was not. I had the impression that he had not used his lips to talk. The words I heard had nothing to do with what we have been talking about, as if some stranger was spreading by means of our dialog. I heard the next: We will see you … & # 39; and then the voice listed every part I had finished that day. The prisoner stopped, sighed and stated, "Oh, the powers are gone," and continued to speak from the moment he was suspended. I requested him why he had started filming my day. He replied that he had simply repeated what he was informed. Then he sighed, “Oh, those powers, these little ones who’re all the time close. There are greater ones that command them. When they determine to make use of my mouth, I really feel dangerous and needed to spend the rest of the day recovering. "

The fact that Vanga felt he was dangerous all the time exhibits that the powers that have been speaking by way of him have been evil spirits which might be. is able to uncover issues that can’t be achieved by means of rational research. Krasimira Stoyanova supplies a wealth of details on how Vanga interacted with the supernatural world. Often the practices he describes are typical of the psyche and recognized for centuries. “Typically we couldn't understand why my aunt suffered from pallor and out of the blue felt dangerous; why he began to talk unexpectedly with a voice that amazed us with its energy, its unusual pitch, or using phrases and expressions we had never heard of Vanga earlier than. "" He all of the sudden started talking to me in a wierd voice. I had goose bumps once I heard that sound. "

Such demonic seduction is, in fact, exceptional. Often, individuals come upon rather more trivial issues, reminiscent of enhancing their dwelling circumstances with out forgetting their immortal souls, or placing themselves within the middle of their own lives with out utterly ignoring the distress and suffering of others. The satan's aim is to sow anger, self-justification, and make individuals much less belief in God. Excessive nervousness is likely one of the enemy's favorite tips. He feels good after getting a person to make false explanations about sure circumstances of that individual's life, or to create sicknesses and failures or magic as an alternative of God's plan.

However, the very fact is that everyone ought to know. Above all, your soul is damaged by innocent hostility in the direction of different individuals. It’s this hostility that makes you doubt the magic of your enemies. Sometimes, individuals suspect distant kinfolk, neighbors or colleagues. This suspicion eagerly paves the best way for an occult worldview that mixes private sorrow and resentment, eradicating Christianity from our day by day lives and replacing it with conspiracy concepts and the search for magical defense towards enemy assaults.

It is Elder Paisius Mount Athos who has to say,

“Clear minds, psychics and the like do lots of harm! Collectively, they extract cash from individuals's pockets. In addition, they break up households. For instance, an individual arrives "clearly" and tells them about their issues. "Look," a clear-cut responder, "Your own relative, who is a tall dark woman, has caught your evil eye." The individual tries to resemble a relative who seems to be like a clairvoyant. In all probability there’s someone in his household who matches the obscure description, albeit barely. Ahh, the individual exclaims & # 39; & # 39; It's the one who charmed me! & # 39; & # 39; She starts to hate this lady. The poor lady has no concept what the reason for her anger is. Typically he even does something good for that individual, however he’s furious and doesn’t need to see him. Then he goes again to witchcraft and the latter suggests, "Well, I can neutralize the evil eye, but it will cost you money." "Hmm," the mistaken individual thinks, "if he could figure out who was responsible for the problems, he would be able to neutralize it. I think it's worth my money." He pays clearly. See what the devil does? He creates traps. what’s the purpose – by no means say to the victim, "It's the culprit." As an alternative, he would attempt to help the sufferer. "Listen," he would say, "stop looking for the culprit. Go to church, confess and don't "A very good individual like this helps each parties. The one that wronged their relative or neighbor sees the latter good angle and repents." is a dedication to your magic failure. As for all types of temptations utilized by fallen angels, here is a quote from the Holy Bible that sum earth of all: Be sober, be vigilant, because your enemy the devil, like a climbing lion, walks looking for anyone he can eat: Who endures within the religion figuring out that the identical sufferings are in your brethren on the planet. But the God of all grace, who has referred to as us to His everlasting glory via Christ Jesus, after you could have suffered for some time, you make you good, steady, strengthen, ordain you. To him is honor and dominion perpetually. Amen. (1 Peter 5: Eight-11)

Translated good deed

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